47 Goat Lake Trail

     While it is the longest trail marked on this cyber-tour, an elevation gain of only 1400 feet over the 5 mile one-way hike makes it quite gentle for an all-day adventure. Turning off the Mountain Loop Hwy onto Forest Road 4080, travel ¾ mile to the trailhead. You have two choices of trail, so choose one on the way in and the other on the way out – they both come together a mile and a half from the lake. One trail follows an old logging road, while the other skirts along Elliott Creek – both are worth a visit. Penn Mining Company had their headquarters here, and a small settlement grew up on the near end of the lake. After mining was done, a vacation hotel took its place, and visitors often stayed for weeks at a time. You'll pass through areas of old-growth forest, with gigantic cedar trees and cascading waterfalls. Your reward is the incredible view of Cadet Peak towering above Goat Lake. 

Goat Lake:  10.4 mi roundtrip

Elevation Gain:  1400 ft