53 Boulder River Trail

     This relatively lowland trail provides year-round enjoyment, particularly in watching the ever-changing nature of the many waterfalls to be seen. Huge trees line the trail (a number of which blew down in Nov 2010), and provide a close-up look at a primeval forest. Watch for French Creek Road near a new housing subdivision on the south side of Hwy 530, and follow it for 3 ¾ miles to the trailhead. The trail extends 4 ¼ miles into the old-growth, but you can turn around much sooner if you choose, having had ample doses of the majesty and serenity of this protected area. The trail no longer crosses the river and climbs to the high country around Three Fingers, nature having reclaimed the route. 

Boulder River:  8.6 mi

Elevation Gain: 700 ft